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Adding Links to the Online Manual

Adding Links to the Online Manual

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Adding Links to the Online Manual

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To make it easier for your users you can add links on the web pages to the online Skyline Manual.  For example, you can add a link on the libraries page linking to Searching Libraries page in the online manual


To add a link to a Web page:

1.Open the online help [] and view the page that you want to link to. Highlight and copy the help URL to the required page.
2.Log in with Editor rights to Skyline.
3.Select the web page that you want to add the link.
4.Click Edit. The floating edit menu bars appear on  the page.
5.In the area to add the link click . The HTML editor window opens containing the text and graphics of the area selected.
6.Enter the required text for the layout.
7.Highlight the text and click Hyperlink Manager.
8.The Hyperlink Manager window opens.
1.Paste Help URL you copied in step 1 into the URL field.
2.Select the Target New Window.
3.Click OK.
9.When the mouse pointer is moved over the text it is shown in blue. The text is underlined on the page to indicate that it is an URL. Click Save.
10.Click Edit to exit from the edit mode. Test your new link. The help page should open in a new window.