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Unable to Open a PDF

Unable to Open a PDF

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Unable to Open a PDF

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The PDF handler is a setting that allows you to download PDF's from a website. If this is not set you will get an error message when you try to open any PDF from within Skyline.


To add the PDF Handler to IIS:

1.On your Skyline server open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
(Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS Manager)
2.The Handler Mappings needs to be opened.HandlerMappings
1.In the Connections pane locate and select your Skyline website.
2.In the IIS section double click Handler Mappings.
3.A list of Handler Mappings is shown.
1.Double click any handler Mapping to open the Edit Script Map Window.
2.Check that the Executable contains Framework\v4. If the selected handler doesn't contain the specified words, close the window and open another one until you have located an executable containing the required words.
3.Copy the Executable path [Highlight the path and press CTRL C] and then close the Edit Script Map window.
4.In the Actions section select Add Script Map.
5.The Add Script Map window opens.
1.In the field Request path enter *.pdf.
2.In the field Executable paste the path you copied in step 3.
3.Add the name PDF Handler.
4.Click Request Restrictions...
6.The Request Restrictions window opens. Make sure that the option Invoke handler only if request is mapped to... is not selected.
7.Click the Verbs tab. Make sure that the option All Verbs is selected.
8.Click the Access tab.
1.Select Script.
2.Click OK.
9.You return to the Add Script Map window. Click OK.
10.An Add Script Map information window opens which asks if you want to allow this ISAPI extension. Click Yes.
11.A new Handler Mapping called PDF Handler has been added to the list.
12.Check that you can now download PDF's.
1.Log in as a user and view your Libraries page.
2.Double click any PDF icon to view the PDF associated with the uploaded document.