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Showing Watermarks

Showing Watermarks

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Showing Watermarks

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When a user opens their document library they can be permitted to downloaded a copy of uploaded documents as a PDF with or without an applied watermark. The wording of the watermark can also be altered to suit.

infoNote: When Skyline is first installed the default configuration option Security - Watermarking Enabled can be configured as true. All portals associated with Skyline will use the Global watermark. The watermark can be left as the default global wording, or changed for each specific portal.

To enable watermarks:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Portals section click Portal Configuration.
3.Find Security - Watermarking Enabled in the list.
If the option is set as True users will download a PDF with a watermark.
To allow users downloading a PDF without watermarks change the setting option to False.
4.To amend this option click Icon-Pencil.
5.Click Icon-Save to save the setting.