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Selecting your Pricing Options

Selecting your Pricing Options

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Selecting your Pricing Options

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When orders are placed using Skyline you are able to select the pricing requirements that suit your organisation. Departments could be charged for printing or you may require to keep track of printing costs associated with a particular project.

infoNote: Any changes made on the Accounts and Pricing page are applied to the portal that you are logged in to. The settings can be configured to be applicable for the selected portal.

To select your pricing requirements:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Orders section click Accounts and Pricing.
3.Select the pricing option you require from the drop down list.
Pricing and account information is not required for any orders that are placed.
PriceManager - Replaced by CostManager
Not Currently Supported
Pricing information is automatically calculated when the order is placed using a separate application called Skyline CostManager. The user is aware of the cost before placing the order as the price is shown in the shopping basket. Prices can be recorded for reporting purposes when prices are not shown to users.
4.If you select the options Quotes or CostManager you will need to select a payment provider.
Only available when CostManager pricing is selected.
You are required to enter the registered PayPal email address and select the currency. The currency choices are GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, & JPY. If this option is selected PayPal details will have to be entered when a user places an order. If you have management rights you are able to view the credit card status of all orders placed via the portal.
Account details can be specified for the pricing options.
Not required
This option is available for both all pricing options. No further payment information is required for the orders.
5.Click Save. The Accounts and Pricing page will close.