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Printing Job Tickets

Printing Job Tickets

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Printing Job Tickets

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To print a Job Ticket but not the order:

1. Select the required order
2. Click PrintJobTicket in the Orders toolbar.
3.The Print Job Report window opens. Select the required printer & make sure that the report to print is the required one.
4.Click Print to produce your report.
InfoIf the standard job ticket is printed before the order is downloaded in the PrintStation there will be no preview image on the ticket.

You can configure your system to automatically print a Job Ticket when printing jobs using PrintStation. This can only be configured if you are using generic printers.

To automatically print a job ticket:

1.Select Setup > Printers from the drop down list.
2.The Printers window opens. Double click the installed generic printer to open the Printers window.
1.Select the required job ticket & paper tray required.
2.Select the option Print the selected Job Ticket when using this printer.
3.Click Update.
3.Each time you print a job from PrintStation using the generic printer the selected job ticket will be printed as well as the job.

You can also select to print a job ticket on an ad hoc basis when you are printing orders. This is only available if you are using a generic printer.

To print job tickets as required:

1.Select the job to be printed.
2.In the Output pane click the generic printer that you want to use to print the document.
3.The Skyline Generic Print window opens. Select the option Print Ticket and then print your order.