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Creating a Neevia User Account

Creating a Neevia User Account

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Creating a Neevia User Account

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You need to create a Local admin account which will be used by the PDF converter services

To create a Neevia Local Admin Account:

1.Open Server Manager and select the s.
2.From the Tools drop down menu select Computer Management.
3.Open System Tools > Local Users and Groups, then select Users.
4.From the Action drop down menu select New User.
5.The New User Window opens.
Enter the following information:
1.User Name        NeeviaPDF
2.Full Name                NeeviaPDF
3.Description                Local admin account required by the PDF converter services.
4.Password                Rem0tePr1nter
5.Confirm Password        Rem0tePr1nter
6.Remove tick for 'User must change password at next logon
7.Select 'User cannot change password'
8.Select 'Password never expired'
6.Click Create and close the window.
7.View the properties of the NeeviaPDF user account.
8.Select the tab Member of then click Add.
9.Enter the object name Administrators and then click Check Names.
10.The NeeviaPDF user is now a member of the groups Administrators and Users.  Close Server Manager.
11.Open Local Security Policy by Start > Administrative Tools then double-click Local Security Policy.
12.Open Local Policies and select User Rights Assignment.
13.In the details pane, double click Log on as a service.
14.The Log on as a service Properties window opens. Click Add User or Group.
15.Enter the object name NeeviaPDF then click Check Names. Click OK when the user has been added and close the Local Security Policy.